Afrikids Medical Centre (2022)

In 2006, AfriKids opened an award-winning primary hospital which has seen 600,000+ cases and delivered almost 5,000 babies. Since 2016 AfriKids has not had to fund this project; the hospital has been self-sufficient, however in 2022 they had to unexpectedly demolish the original clinic building when it was found to be unsafe. We helped to start the rebuild so they can again work at full capacity.

This year AfriKids also started working in 60 new communities where they conducted a needs assessment. These communities are all based in three new districts: Builsa South, Binduri and Mamprugo- Moagduri, all of which suffer from high levels of poverty, family sizes of up to 9 people per household, and limited access to basic rights such as safety and education. Our support is helping to expand their programmes into these new areas, bringing healthcare, child protection and education to the poorest of communities.

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