Humanists UK – assisted dying

Humanists UK campaigns to legalise assisted dying for adults of sound mind who are intolerably suffering from an incurable, physical condition and have a clear and settled wish to die. This grant will fund two core projects between June and October 2024: 1) Finding and interviewing people who people have been affected by the current law on assisted dying, using their stories to raise the profile of the campaign 2) Developing a detailed policy proposal that can be used to inform and assist in the future drafting of an assisted dying bill.

Afrikids New Communities (2023)

Following AfriKids’ needs assessment in 60 new communities last year, their programmes are now launched, and our support will enable them to continue their healthcare, child protection and education programmes. Examples include their livelihoods programmes for mothers in soap-making, beekeeping and climate smart agriculture training, teacher training, STEM classes, health screenings to diagnose visual impairments, HIV/AIDs and malnutrition, and providing essentials so children at risk of dropping out of school remain safe, healthy, and in school.

Afrikids Medical Centre (2022)

In 2006, AfriKids opened an award-winning primary hospital which has seen 600,000+ cases and delivered almost 5,000 babies. Since 2016 AfriKids has not had to fund this project; the hospital has been self-sufficient, however in 2022 they had to unexpectedly demolish the original clinic building when it was found to be unsafe. We helped to start the rebuild so they can again work at full capacity.

This year AfriKids also started working in 60 new communities where they conducted a needs assessment. These communities are all based in three new districts: Builsa South, Binduri and Mamprugo- Moagduri, all of which suffer from high levels of poverty, family sizes of up to 9 people per household, and limited access to basic rights such as safety and education. Our support is helping to expand their programmes into these new areas, bringing healthcare, child protection and education to the poorest of communities.

3 new pilot projects with Afrikids in 2021

In 2021 we supported AfriKids with three brand-new pilot projects: Sexual Reproductive Health, Digitisation, and STEM.

AfriKids’ Sexual Reproductive Health pilot was launched to increase awareness on sexual and reproductive health risks and inspire girls to understand their rights. AfriKids’ digitisation pilot was launched to test the effectiveness of e-learning in four rural primary schools, providing tablets to 4–10-year-olds with the aim of improving their learning outcomes and providing them with digital skills. AfriKids’ STEM project gives girls the opportunity to forge careers in STEM fields, providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education. This pilot is providing the evidence and foundation for AfriKids to scale this work up, creating opportunities for a generation of trailblazing young women.

Afrikids Mama Laadi’s Foster Home (2020)

In 2020 we helped to fund Mama Laadi’s Foster Home, an amazing lady who, with the help of AfriKids, has provided full time residential care, a safe home and family style support to children who unfortunately can’t be resettled with their family or community. The home provides children with a family environment, emotional support, support with education and access to healthcare.


In 2020, Mama Laadi supported 18 children in this programme with a safe home, with uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery, and textbooks as well as educational support for these children and a further 27 young people who live outside the home (former residents over the age of 18 still finishing their education).


During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Mama Laadi’s Foster Home had to adapt its programme. Children were given talks and demonstrations on new hygiene protocols, and PPE and sanitiser were delivered by AfriKids. While schools were closed, the team at the home organised and ran lessons to keep the children engaged and learning.

Ukraine relief

Together with the UBS Optimus Foundation who were offering a 100% matched funding we have helped to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

As of 2024 the fund has committed USD 42 million to support 24 programs that help address a variety of needs, including emergency humanitarian aid, education continuity, healthcare, psychosocial support and social protection.

Cook 4 Care

Lisa is the Chair of Cook 4 Care. Cook4care is a young charity focused on providing healthy, home cooked, nutritious meals to the homes of young carers and their families.

Elmbridge CAN

Elmbridge CAN is a small charity supporting the resettlement of refugees and building a culture of welcome within the communities of Elmbridge Borough.

In addition to making some financial contributions, Lisa and James have provided practical support and Lisa has helped advise and support the Elmbridge CAN leadership team.

Cancer Research – Early Detection

Support of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) which is a £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and five of the world’s foremost centres in early detection research.

Vision for a Nation

Vision for a Nation Foundation is an award-winning sight charity working to unlock the potential of the world’s poorest communities by making eye care globally accessible.

We are pleased to support this excellent charity expand their capability in Ghana.