Afrikids Mama Laadi’s Foster Home (2020)

In 2020 we helped to fund Mama Laadi’s Foster Home, an amazing lady who, with the help of AfriKids, has provided full time residential care, a safe home and family style support to children who unfortunately can’t be resettled with their family or community. The home provides children with a family environment, emotional support, support with education and access to healthcare.


In 2020, Mama Laadi supported 18 children in this programme with a safe home, with uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery, and textbooks as well as educational support for these children and a further 27 young people who live outside the home (former residents over the age of 18 still finishing their education).


During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Mama Laadi’s Foster Home had to adapt its programme. Children were given talks and demonstrations on new hygiene protocols, and PPE and sanitiser were delivered by AfriKids. While schools were closed, the team at the home organised and ran lessons to keep the children engaged and learning.

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